Monday, August 30, 2010

Work plan

By day, I am a Project Manager so I cannot help myself when it comes to developing spreadsheets and work plans. Below is a plan that I drafted in December to keep our renovation plans in check. I reviewed and updated it as best I could. I am hoping that this table will help keep me on track with my future posts.

Activity Timeframe Status
Electrical Replace Knob and Tube December-09 Completed
Stairs Remove Carpet January-10 Completed
Lay new carpet January-10 *Still required
Back Yard Build gate December-09 Completed
Reinforce corners December-09 Completed
Build fence Spring 10 Moved to Summer 10
Lay brick Spring 10 Moved to Summer 10
Basement Remove/replace toilet Pending Future project
Purchase washer and dryer January-10 Completed
Install washer/ dryer (add dryer vent) Pending Dryer vent still required
Remove laundry sink Pending Future project
Complete bathroom reno Pending Future project
Floors Purchase new floors and materials Dec/Jan 10 Completed
Remove baseboards January-10 Completed
Remove old hardwood June-10 Completed
Reinforce sub floor
December Completed
Lay new sub floors
December Completed
install new floor Jan 10 (main fl) June 10 (2nd fl) Completed
Purchase and Install new baseboards
80% complete
First floor Rms
Front Hall Knock down wall December-09 Completed
Living Room Knock down wall December-09 Completed
Purchase new curtains Pending *Still required
Paint February-10 Completed
Dining Room Purchase new curtains Pending *Still required
Purchase dining table and hutch Table created (March 10) Hutch to be completed soon
Paint Pending *Still required
Kitchen Purchase new appliances Pending Future project

Second Floor
Hallway Paint Pending *Still required
Master Prime Pending *Still required
Bedroom 1 Purchase ikea bed frame

Bedroom 2 Purchase office equip and set up July-10 Completed
Sun Room Remove Fridge and Stove December-09 Completed
Third Floor
Bedroom Carpet Pending *Still required
Bathroom/Kitchen Remove Fridge and Stove December-09 Completed


  1. I love lists like these. When I'm approaching a major deadline for the house, I tend to make VERY detailed lists of the tasks leading up to that date. They change daily, but really keep me on task.

    Love the blog ... good luck with the reno!