Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Master Bedroom Complete

I wish I was a better photographer because as usual these pictures do not do the room justice.  Anyway, our master bedroom is complete and I am pretty sure it is my favourite room in the house.  We have waited a long time to have a master bedroom complete with furniture and paint!  The room itself is pretty spacious so we were able to upgrade our bed to a king and buy a bedroom suite (two night tables, a dresser with mirror and a chest of drawers). *I'd really like to get some new bedding but it really isn't a priority.

We also upgraded our living room tv, leaving the bedroom as the obvious place for our old former living room tv.  42 inches is a little unnecessary for the space but we mounted it on the wall and it seems like the perfect fit.  We used a tilting wall mount with an extendable arm so we can move it around conveniently. Because we mounted it on a concrete wall, C used his electric drill with a masonary drill bit and plastic anchors.  The process was much smoother that the living room tv mount (also on a concrete wall) -a perfect example of practice makes perfect.

Finally, we also installed some faux wood blinds (the first windows to receive actual window treatment in the house), as well as a ceiling fan light fixture, complete with a remote control dimmer.  All in all, I am happy with the choices we have made and really enjoy spending time in the master bedroom -a definite bonus since I will be on mat leave soon and likely spending LOTS more time at home.

We have completed the guest bedroom as well and are currently working on the nursery.  So far, every time we have gone out to get things for the baby, we come home with new stuff for ourselves. I am told that this is considered "nesting" so rather than feel guilty, I am feeling fortunate to have additional things completed before the baby comes.  The nursery pictures to follow soon.