Monday, August 9, 2010

Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is a great size, it has a decent size closet, nice bay windows, and once upon a time it even had a fireplace! Our initial thought was to remove the makeshift mantel and expose the old fireplace. I had visions of a beautiful brick fireplace decorated with candles ...

Unfortunately, when we removed the mantel the brick we found was very old and decaying. It was crumbling so easily that we were actually able to remove it all by hand. My dream of refurbishing the fireplace was ruined and we covered it up with dry wall instead. I really wanted to be creative and use the old mantel as a vanity (as you can see from the picture) but the longer I left it, the longer it became a major eye soar for my husband and I, so out it went with our next run to the dump. Currently, the master room is empty and we are living in the attic. I will update you on that situation soon!

Below is how the wall looks now. I think I a couple of coats of paint will go a long way. Please feel free to post your suggestions for paint colours.

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