Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Nursery

We've completed the nursery! Well...almost.  The basics are in but we still need a few items.  We need to pick out some window treatment, likely a roll up blind that will keep hopefully both keep the bright sun out, as well as the colder air. I'd also like to find some cute art work but don't really have anything in mind.  The room we went with in the end, was the former office as it is the smallest bedroom.  The office has moved up to the 3rd floor and we've kept a bed up there since we still expect to have multiple guests at one time.

Other projects that have been completed over the past couple of weeks won't mean much to my readers but to me make a world of difference.  My husband installed the rest of the quarter rounds on the second floor, as well as in the living room and dining room.  Prior to this, you could see all the gaps in the hard wood next to the walls so everything looked really sloppy.  We still need to caulk and paint the baseboards but for now it looks great! Upcoming projects include: sand and paint the 2nd floor hallway and add light fixtures, add second coat of paint to certain walls in living room, paint dining room, carpet stairs (+ office).

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