Friday, September 24, 2010

Peeping Tom

It has been 9 months (almost 10) since we moved into our lovely home.  We have not purchased a single window treatment.  In the master bedroom (which still remains empty) we have a large sheet draped from the windows and in the guest room, we usually hang a couple of towels.  The previous owner left us some venetian blinds on the third floor (our current bedroom).  The only room that really effects us at the moment is the living room.  The top is a picture of our living room window and below are a couple of options I pulled online.  Any suggestions?

Option 1

Option 2


  1. Maybe you could do a combo of the two?

  2. I'm going to suggest #1 but not in green

  3. I think you should go with option 2. Blinds would work best in the space; especially given where the TV is positioned (the curtains would be jammed in behind the TV and wouldn't fall as nicely). The blinds will offer a more clean and crisp look. Just my two cents.
    Ps. Love your blog....and love you.

  4. You've got lovely stained glass so I wouldn't cover it up. If you need privacy, you could do those venetians that move from the bottom up. Since the window is off-centre, you could also add drapery panels, wall to wall, and 'fake it' by opening the panels so that the window looks centred.