Monday, July 26, 2010

The house -December 09

After conducting a thorough search for houses in our west end neighborhood, my husband and I settled on a house that was just 10 houses down the street from the basement apartment we were renting. It certainly made for an interesting move!

The house was in great condition but it would need a lot of work to update it and make it feel clean and current. Since there was a long "to do" list we had to prioritize our tasks in terms of the following: 1) absolute must 2) affordability, and 3) it makes sense. The first on our must do list was the electrical. Since our house is almost a hundred years old it consisted of the old knob and tube wiring. It is both difficult to get your house insured and a safety hazard to have this type of wiring. We were able to get insurance with a condition that we will bring our electrical up to code. Since we already wanted to tear down a couple of walls surrounding the living room, we decided to do this prior to having the rewiring started as having the walls already opened (thus accessible) would save us money in the end.

To give you an idea of our home prior to the renovations, I have posted some of the pictures from the MLS listing.

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