Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

I'm honoured to be awarded as a versatile blogger by Roncy Vic over at Roncesvalles Victorian Reno Diary, one of the blogs I follow.  I feel undeserving since I am horrible at keeping the blog up to date. Thank you nonetheless to Roncy Vic for the nomination.  Since I started this blog to keep friends and family up to date with our house renos but ended up with a few additional readers, it is too difficult to come up with 7 things that both groups wouldn't know about me so I will try to mix it up a little.

1- I love google reader and follow several blogs daily.  I admire those bloggers that post daily. At this point, I don't aspire to do so myself but perhaps if I could make it my job, I would feel differently.

2- I am 39 weeks pregnant and I have an identical twin who is also pregnant (33 weeks).

3- I am not very good at interior decorating/design as I never really have a vision for the rooms.  I love seeing other bloggers progress and the thought and planning that goes into each space. I'm not sure that I have the patience to plan my own space. Only time will tell!

4- I am excited to become a mom, although I still can't picture what my life is going to be like.  I don't plan on turning my reno blog into a space where I update about my new life as a mom, however I can see myself potentially starting a new bog for that reason.

5- I love getting a deal on big purchases.  I am not the best negotiator so I usually walk away while my husband negotiates and am usually thrilled with the results.

6- I like a good challenge and have challenged myself physically with a couple of half marathons and a triathlon. I am trying to think of labour as the same type of challenge.

7- Socializing is my livelihood and I blame that on being a twin. I have an older sister as well so we grew up in a house full of girls (my poor dad).  I think this is why I was a little taken aback to find out I was having a boy.

Many of the bloggers I follow have already posted their 7 "things" which I really enjoyed learning... keep them coming! I'll be back soon, if we have time for any last minute renos before the little one arrives.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Nursery

We've completed the nursery! Well...almost.  The basics are in but we still need a few items.  We need to pick out some window treatment, likely a roll up blind that will keep hopefully both keep the bright sun out, as well as the colder air. I'd also like to find some cute art work but don't really have anything in mind.  The room we went with in the end, was the former office as it is the smallest bedroom.  The office has moved up to the 3rd floor and we've kept a bed up there since we still expect to have multiple guests at one time.

Other projects that have been completed over the past couple of weeks won't mean much to my readers but to me make a world of difference.  My husband installed the rest of the quarter rounds on the second floor, as well as in the living room and dining room.  Prior to this, you could see all the gaps in the hard wood next to the walls so everything looked really sloppy.  We still need to caulk and paint the baseboards but for now it looks great! Upcoming projects include: sand and paint the 2nd floor hallway and add light fixtures, add second coat of paint to certain walls in living room, paint dining room, carpet stairs (+ office).